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Business Law

We take great pride in our business law practice. We offer comprehensive services covering

 Business start-ups and acquisitions

 Business operations

 Debt collection/Litigation

 Mediation

Business start-ups and acquisitions

We know this is a crucial time for any business. It is important to handle early stages of the business correctly so that it is set up to succeed in the future. A small investment in preventive legal help at this stage can help to minimize future legal expenses. Some common issues we can help with are

 Minimizing your tax burden

 Limiting your liability

 Reducing conflict between owners and/or employees

 Purchasing a business

Business operations

Once the business is set up, we offer services to help your business thrive and grow. We offer a variety of counseling and document preparation services, including services designed to help your business

 Improve your collection rate and reduce outstanding accounts receivable

 Address employment issues

 Deal with supply contracts

 Protect your assets

Debt collection/Litigation

While we work diligently to prevent lawsuits from becoming necessary, they are sometimes an unavoidable fact of life. We offer comprehensive services for just such occasions and are experienced in all manner of business litigation including

 Debt collection

 Business disputes

 Employment

 Insurance

Call us today to find out how our business law acumen can help you and your business.


Estate Planning and Probate

It is always wise to plan for the future, both to provide for yourself and for your loved ones. We provide comprehensive services to help individuals plan for the future. At the Reiff Law Office, we handle the traditional aspects of estate planning and elder law such as:

 Wills and trusts

 Medical assistance planning

 Asset protection

 Business succession planning

 Probate of wills and administration of trusts

 Health care and financial planning

 Tax planning

Creating an estate plan is not just the simple act of preparing a will. It is also the creation of a comprehensive plan to preserve and protect your assets for your loved ones based on many factors such as taxes, income production for you and your loved ones, availability of assets when they are needed, and control over your assets. At the Reiff Law Office, we look at all aspects of your situation in creating your estate plan.

Perhaps equally important is the need to forestall disputes between your heirs. Too often, a poorly conceived plan or a simple lack thereof can lead heirs to feud with each other in devastating conflicts that drain their resources and cause rifts in families. Having a well-thought- out estate plan in place is vital to prevent these fights.

In order to ensure that your estate plan accomplishes your goals, we focus strongly on the PLANNING side. We evaluate your situation and consult with you to determine what is really best for you, whether it be to create a Family LLC, an Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust, or a simple will.

Of course, disputes occur, and we have the experience and ability to help to resolve those disputes. Whether the issue is the administration of a trust or estate, the validity of a will, or the collection of estate assets, we have the experience and ability to vigorously represent you.

In addition to actual estate planning, we offer our clients additional services that often are intertwined with estate planning. For many who are planning their estate, Medical Assistance, Social Security, and long term care issues abound. We provide clients with services to help guide them through the pitfalls that abound in navigating those waters.

Real Estate Law

For many individuals and businesses, real estate is their single biggest asset. We recognize that real estate holds a special place both in your portfolio and in the eyes of the law. Therefore, we offer services that run the gamut of issues that can arise with real estate, such as

 Buying/Selling

 Leasing

 Construction


Buying and selling real estate is unique. We understand this and help our clients navigate their way through the legal issues involved in the process. Financing and providing security for the financing are important considerations that must be handled appropriately. Similarly, obtaining and transferring title to the land is paramount. We work with top-notch lenders and real estate agents to help you obtain the results you deserve.


Just as purchasing and selling real estate is a unique proposition, so is leasing. We offer the knowledge and experience needed to help you address all your leasing needs, whether you be a tenant or a landlord.


Owning or leasing land is great, but, for most people, land is only useful once there has been some construction done. Whether you are a property owner or a construction company, legal complications frequently arise in this context, particularly

 Mechanics liens

 Contract disputes

 Insurance

We have significant experience in these areas and represent both property owners and construction companies.


Civil Litigation

While lawsuits should never be anyone’s preferred plan of action, they are a part of the world in which we live and do business. Therefore, it is necessary to be prepared to deal with them.

At the Reiff Law Office, we handle our lawsuits with the goal of achieving your aims, not simply litigating for the sake of fighting. A lawsuit is expensive, and, all too often, lawyers act without regard for their client’s bottom lines or goals.

Litigation should be done for a purpose, which is most often to minimize the client’s losses. We, therefore, represent our clients aggressively but always with the goal of achieving their aims.

We have significant experience in litigating a variety of cases. We particularly pride ourselves in the following areas:

 Business litigation

 Debt collection

 Real estate and foreclosures

 Appeals

Business Litigation

Disputes involving businesses arise, and they must be dealt with. We are experienced in a variety of issues, including:

 Breach of contract

 Breach of fiduciary duty

 Insurance coverage

 Employment

 Trademarks

 Business torts

Debt Collection

Ultimately, civil litigation often comes down to an attempt to collect a debt or to defend a claim. We have a great deal of experience in collections and defense. Whether the debt is secured or unsecured, business or personal, guaranteed or not, we understand the issues involved and aggressively advocate for our clients.

Real estate and foreclosures

We have seen myriad issues that can arise with real estate. Some common issues we have litigated are:

 Mortgage foreclosures

 Title claims

 Mechanics liens

 Construction defects


At the Reiff Law Office, we take a great deal of pride in our appellate practice. Many lawyers are unfamiliar with the unique rules and procedures for appeals because appeals are rare. The Reiff Law Office was founded by a former appellate clerk and experienced appellate advocate. We have the knowledge and skills to handle your appeal with the skill it requires.


Disputes are bound to occur, but they need not destroy your business, your family, or you. We believe that mediation is an effective method to minimize conflict because it helps, but does not dictate, the parties to reach an agreement. We offer high quality yet affordable mediation services for all areas of law we practice.

At the Reiff Law Office, we believe it is never too late to reach an agreement. Therefore, we offer mediation services at virtually all stages of a case including:

 Pre-litigation

 Early stage litigation

 Court-ordered ADR

 Late stage litigation

Of course, mediation is only effective if the mediator is knowledgeable with the type of dispute the mediator is attempting to resolve. Therefore, we limit our mediation services to real estate, business, and probate/trust administration-related disputes. Some common types of cases we handle are:

 Business or real estate valuation disputes

 Breach of contract

 Construction and mechanics liens

Whether you are in the midst of a conflict and wish to resolve it before litigation when the costs and hard feelings mount, or are in the middle of a lawsuit and want to put an end to it, we believe mediation is right and are happy to assist you.


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